What We Do
A New Way to Manage Your Member Communication and Needs

Topaz Web Forms

E-Mail & Fax Integration

Dashboard Reports

Secure Cloud

Advanced web forms
that replace and improve
your paper forms.

Manage email, faxes,
and web form submissions
all in one place.

Track all your member
issues and requests
in real time.

No need to worry
about software updates
or extra equipment.


Topaz Web Forms

Say goodbye to paper! Our unique Topaz web forms can do it all.

  • Member Issues and Requests
  • E-Signatures
  • Online Contracts
  • Picture & Document Upload
  • Event Registration
  • Address Verification
  • Auto-route to Appropriate employee

E-Mail & Fax Integration

Organize and manage all your online communications
in one place. Never lose another fax or email again.

Topaz helps to capture valuable information to assist with the delivery and
production of our Upgrade to $ave energy efficiency program and our Sustainable
Forestry and Land Retention Project. We particularly like the ability to easily
print personalized letters and mailing labels and broadcast email. Thanks Topaz!

Sondra Dickens, Director
Roanoke Electric Cooperative

   Dashboard Control Center

          View all your ongoing issues
             at a glance, or use the history
                feature to review activity
                   from the past.
                      Supervisors can
                         assign incoming
                             issues to member
                                service specialists,
                                   then track their
                                 progress in real

  • Monitor everything in real time
  • Balance MSR workloads
  • View communications by issue type
    or assigned employee
  • Track productivity over time

Secure Cloud Based Solution

All you need to use Topaz is a web
browser and an internet connection.

  • No new hardware or software
  • Automatic Updates
  • PCI Compliant
  • Meets Red Flag Guidelines
  • Accessible anywhere via your VPN

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